Smart Device Management at Scale

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Centralized control tower  for your smart devices

Integrate any smart lock, thermostat, smart lights, speakers, and many more devices to facilitate their management at scale, and empower guests with intuitive controls from their phone.

Hardware-agnostic device management

Easily oversee, manage, and provide secure access to your team and your guests to as many smart devices as you need across unlimited locations.

Unlock Powerful Smartlock features

Facilitate multi-door access from building entrances to communal areas all the way to the main rental door, provoding guests the convenience of a unified access code for every door.

Monitor every door's usage with comprehensive entry and exit history log. Know precisely when and by whom, whether staff or guests, each lock was accessed for enhanced security.
Back-up codes
If devices go offline, guests can automatically receive backup codes. Create auto-expiring codes for contractors to guarantee safe short-term access.

Connect to thousands of smart devices

Experience a transformative shift in your operations with SuiteOp's integration to a range of smart devices, including thermostats and smart locks. Unleash automation to redefine efficiency and productivity.
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Answers to your questions

Do you provide or sell smart locks?

We don't manufacture or sell smart locks, but we're happy to advise on the best brand and model for your needs based on our extensive industry experience. Do not hesitate to use as a resource for your smart lock purchases.

When are lock codes pushed to smart locks?

Individual guest lock codes are created upon booking confirmation. They are only active from your guests’ check-in time and expire automatically at their check-out time. With SuiteVerify, you can dynamically hide codes from guests in their SuitePortal until they've completed their verification process or received a manual check-in approval.

Do you connect to smart locks that do not have keypads?

Yes, SuitePortal enables one-click unlocking from the Guest Portal, eliminating the need for keypads. However, we do recommend keypad smart locks for more reliable access.

What happens if a lock is offline or the code fails?

If an entry code fails, guests can tap a button on their SuitePortal to access a back-up code. After three failed attempts, a verified backup code is provided. Guests can also remotely lock or unlock doors with one click from their portal. If the issues persist, we’ll notify you via our Slack integration so you can manually help the guest.

What types of smart locks are compatible with SuiteConnect?

SuiteConnect is designed to integrate seamlessly with most modern smart locks. For a detailed list of compatible devices, please refer to our Integrations Page. Because of our experienced in-house engineering team, we’re typically able to integrate to more lock brands rapidly if the need arises.

How can SuiteConnect streamline my operations?

SuiteConnect reduces your manual workload by keeping your property access secure while automating check-ins and check-outs automation, helping ensure a seamless experience for guests and promoting operational efficiency.

How can I set pre-defined temperature rules with SuiteConnect?

SuiteConnect allows you to establish pre-defined temperature rules that intelligently adjust thermostats based on guest occupancy or other criteria. This ensures optimal comfort while saving energy.

What happens if a thermostat goes offline or malfunctions?

SuiteConnect continuously monitors the health of all integrated devices, including thermostats. If a device goes offline or encounters issues, you will be notified immediately for timely resolution.

Can guests override the thermostat settings?

While SuiteConnect enables remote control for both managers and guests, you can choose to limit the range of temperatures that guests are able to set, ensuring both comfort, energy efficiency, and avoiding accidental misuse of your HVAC systems.

My smart device isn't listed. Can SuiteConnect still integrate with it?

SuiteConnect integrates with numerous smart devices—far too many to list them all. If your specific device isn't mentioned, don't worry! There's a strong chance we already support it. If we don't, our team is always eager to evaluate and potentially develop new integrations to cater to your needs.

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